Special Purpose Machines Model : Automatic Conveyor Polishing Buffing Machine

Automatic Polishing Machineicon

Automatic Polishing Machine

Special Features & Benefits of Stainless Steel Automatic Polishing Machine :

  • For Polishing / Buffing, Brushing & ‘Mush Buffing’ of numerous types of components with variety of Buffing Heads. ROHIT fabricates a system for individual needs.
  • These versatile Heads can take on the Large and most intricate Shapes.
  • The ‘Mush Buffing’ technique uses broad wheels at low RPM, eliminating the cost of shaping the Buffing Wheels for each different part.
  • Production rate from 10,000 to 25,000 Pcs. per Shift in some instances.
Applications of Stainless Steel Automatic Polishing Machine :

  • Flat Components in any Metal, Plastic, Fiber.

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